moderated Re: Samuel's Paid User Proposal #suggestion


I sort of liked Samuel's idea when I first saw it, but I see problems with it. All of the below pertain to when the group has reached 100:

-Is the group owner supposed, or is going, to maintain a wait list?
-What about restricted groups with a questionnaire - are people requesting admission supposed to complete the questionnaire knowing they won't be admitted immediately, or perhaps not even knowing at first?
-Is the 14-day pending member limit (before deletion) going to be removed?
-In general, how and at what point, would or should requesting members be notified that the group is temporarily full?
-How, and this is not a technical issue, but how are group owners supposed to figure out whom to remove (and how to inform them) if and when a "more desirable" person requests admission?
-"Try before you buy" also sounds very tricky. How many people will be allowed in on that basis? How would it be kept track of (in case someone tries to repeatedly try), and other issues...

And that's just off the top of my head. When I saw the proposal I liked it at first. But I'm not so sure it's reasonably workable.


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