Re: better member list filtering #suggestion

Andy Wedge

On Wed, Jan 6, 2021 at 04:51 AM, KWKloeber wrote:
It would be best if all of the attributes (badges?) shown on the member list are available in the drop-down filter. 
I agree additional filtering options would be useful at times and until that is implemented a simple workaround is:

  • On your member list, click the Download button
  • Select all text on the displayed list and copy to your clipboard
  • Paste that text into a new Excel worksheet
  • Use the 'Text to columns' feature (normally found on the Data tab) to split the text into columns (delimited by a command and using " as the text delimiter)
  • Filter the columns in Excel

The advantage of Excel filtering is that you can combine multiple filters and if you put your data into an Excel table then you can use all the whizzy stuff like pivot tables and slicers.


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