better member list filtering #suggestion


Today I needed to 'un-moderate' two members.  Luckily, the first's name and email address was listed near the top of the ADMIN > MEMBERS list.  no problem-o.  The second, I realized, was tucked away somewhere in the list and I didn't even remember the name or email address.  Just by happenstance it was on one of the top pages as I paged down the member list.  If it wasn't, I would have been going through 1,600+ names trying to find one with an "M" next to the name.  Not very good.

It would be best if all of the attributes (badges?) shown on the member list are available in the drop-down filter.  I don't see why SOME would have been implemented without ALL being implemented.  Not logical.

From the GM forum:

...It would be nice to be able to somehow filter the list based on any of these status badges. would be very helpful to be able to filter on badges, not just member status badges but also sub preferences badges as well, any available/shown badge in that list.
... I have often wished to be able to easily identify everyone who is not confirmed (NC).
... I've also sometimes wondered by Banned was not implemented as a badge.


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