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If is holding group members' donations made on the understanding that they would be used to pay group subscription fees, what happens if a Group owner decides to close the group down in the meantime?

My concept stated "No Refunds". In that case the remaining prepayment would convert to 

I'm sure there must be lots of legal and financial rules that would need to be satisfied in order to operate in this manner.

I'm not a lawyer, but I doubt it amounts to anything more than prior notice of the policy. There are always exceptional cases, and Mark may need to use his judgement about such cases.

if that's not the intention then a simpler solution (from an Admin point of view) would probably be to have members make donations. I think the downside of that though is that there is less certainty of cash flow which doesn't really help business planning.

I don't follow what you said there. The current Donation mechanism and my proposed Simplified mechanism are both based on the idea that members will donate to a shared goal. The significant difference is that the current mechanism allows donation for unrestricted purposes: It is up to the group owner to follow-through with the stated purpose.

I can understand the option to deal with group owners for payments (less people to deal with so less of an admin overhead) and I'm happy with that.

That is the current mechanism. And while it is simpler in that sense, it has also proven unable to bring in enough income for - hence the other topic about the Pricing Changes.

Necessity being the mother of invention, this suggestion is motivated in large part to increase that income by making it easier for group owners to raise the funds necessary to pay the group's plan fees.

Even if Mark reversed his decision on grandfathered basic groups and said there would be a nominal $10 per year fee I bet most people would stay with

I don't want to engage in the Pricing debate on this topic, there's enough of that in the other.

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