moderated Simplified Donation feature #suggestion



I thought I'd break this out as a separate Suggestion, since it is actually separate from the Pricing Changes topic.

If any aspects of this suggestion reflect a naivety with regard to the existing Donation mechanism that's my fault: so far I've neither used or tested it, I've only read the Owners Manual sections about it.


No reliance on group-owner to sign up with a processing service to collect payments.

Only a single Donation request may be created, its proceeds are credited as a prepayment to the group's next plan payment.


The need to create a Stripe account is a stumbling block for many group owners who might otherwise rely on members to (help) support the group's plan payments:

o Complexity of the setup
o Dealing with a third-party to collect payments
o Exposing their personal bank account to said third party
o Concern over tax implications of receiving funds
o Concern over fiduciary responsibilities to donees.

Avoids double-payment of Stripe fees - first when the member donates to the group owner, and again when the group payor pays the plan fee.


From the group management (owner/moderator) viewpoint similar to the existing Donation mechanism, absent the step of setting up a Stripe account, and with the creation of a Donation request limited to a single one for prepayments.

From the Member's viewpoint no significant difference from the existing Donation mechanism.

Overpayment rolls over to next plan payment.

Underpayment must be made up by group payor on normal plan payment terms.

No refunds. When a group is closed any unused prepayment is retained by


Extend the Simplified feature to Basic Groups, facilitating a "bootstrap" from Basic to Premium.


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