locked Re: Pricing Changes #update


>> Mark’s expenses, what he needs to charge, and what he feels is a fair return for his efforts, are none of our business.
> Hear, hear.

True ! But Not the point...
If he said we have x many this groups and x many that groups and I need/want y$ for this and z$ for that...

We might be able to better suggest HOW we'd like to be billed. Maybe X$ charged to an owner/group or Y$/member. If we've no idea what is required of us, it's harder go suggest how it might be best collected.

However, we now know the billing structure, so, maybe a moot point. Now we know more. Maybe going forward we can make better suggestions.

I still see a huge need/desire to be able to enhance a basic/free list without the gargantuan leap to 200/year when we may have to do that for 4 or 5 lists and only want a tiny bit more enhancement.

Maybe it's just not cost effective to offer us 10 or 50 Megs of Photos and some limited Files for 20-50$/yr versus a GargantuanGig. "Might not make him rich," but it might help with "bread and butter," and be less of a drain. 

Ihave both grandfathered lists and newer basic lists that have Nothing... but need only a BIT of enhancement to help them be attractive and grow into bigger lists... Not a GigaBit/byte. 😉 This is the crux some of us face, when we are not only in/own ONE list.


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