locked Re: Pricing Changes #update



Here are a few thoughts that clarified things for me…..
All good, except:

2. This group was set up to avoid swamping the GMF. Given the number
of posts, that was a wise move.
That one is almost exactly backwards.

It is Group_Help and GMF that serve in part to avoid swamping beta, beginning when beta got too busy for Mark to keep up with.

That appeal was only temporarily successful, and Mark had to reiterate it a time or two. Ultimately (so far) the Guidelines were introduced to clarify and structure topics in beta:

The intent is that beta should be reserved for topics that only Groups.io (Mark) can act on (#bugs & #suggestions, primarily). The pricing structure, of course, falls squarely in the "only Groups.io can act on" category.

Group_Help and GMF act as user-to-user support for questions that a hive mind of knowledgeable users can answer. You know, until a sufficiently strong general AI comes along. I agree with what Mark Murphy and others have said: advice and opinion on coping with the pricing structure, as a group owner or a group member, falls into this category.


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