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Jeremy H

On Fri, Jan 1, 2021 at 12:16 PM, Chris Jones wrote:
On Fri, Jan 1, 2021 at 12:12 PM, Jeremy H wrote:
It is a very basic IT/DataProcessing concept that it's all based on bits - storing, changing, copying them - and it's those that drive the costs and benefits of internet/web services - and those are generated - by individual bits - in picocents: but add up to megabucks: and how you charge and account for them, at an additional cost of kilobucks (or less) rather than (unafforadable) gigabucks that is the great business problem of the industry.
To put it another way, large - scale over - quoting ratchets up (in this case) Groups.io's costs, or have misunderstood? 

I think you misunderstand. Groups.io costs (and the the benefits it provides) are based on very small units, with very small prices, but these build up - bits to bytes to words to posts to topics to groups to the whole Groups.io 'system' - and the price similarly mounts up to large. The problem is how you divide up, account for and pay/be paid that large amount (based on very many small amounts) without the accounts function overwhelming the rest of the business. Without knowing, Mark's answer seems essentially to be 'crudely' - his proposed pricing structure is by group, by number of members. Which keeps the accounting and invoicing fairly simple (hence cheap). He could be counting bytes stored and transmitted for each  group, to give a price better matched to each group's costs -  but that would cost him more money (which he doesn't think worth it)

And every other business has essentially the same issue.


(Apologies - while I drafted this yesterday, didn't actually manage to send it then)

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