locked Re: Pricing Changes #update


** How many users does gio currently have? 
** What average $$ donation return would it need to be profitable to the level Mark needs if, say, there was a 2% return on a quarterly or semi-annual "Wikipedia" donation request sent to all members?
Or, differently, what % return would he need at an average $2 per quarter (or per 6-month) of donations?

Additionally --
Features - how many do groups need?  
We use photos, files, wiki.  But not chat calendar database.
I would hope down the road that the features become a shopping list.  Spectrum won't let me watch Turner Classic Movies w/o giving them $30 for 68 others I don't even want to wade thru. 
So it gets zero dollars a month from me rather than two or three dollars a month.  Which makes more sense?

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