locked Re: Pricing Changes #update

Chris Jones

On Thu, Dec 31, 2020 at 09:27 PM, Drew wrote:
Up to 3 groups: FREE
4 to 10 groups: $5.00/yr
More than 10 groups: $10.00/yr
Superficially attractive, certainly. but it includes a major flaw.

I have 2 email addresses immediately available, and I could set up 4 or 5 more without it costing me anything. That would immediately give me access to 20 or so groups without it costing me a single, solitary, bean.

FWIW I have serious concerns about Mark's idea of charging owners when a group exceeds 100 members. Owners would either have to pay it themselves or pass the charge on to individual members. Now if a group has a physical existence (e.g. a neighbourhood group) collecting "subs" would be easy, very possibly by rolling Groups.io charges into a wider membership fee. But what about a group with wide geographical dispersal and no physical entity? Collecting what are actually trivial amounts per member would be almost impossible, so the owners would be incentivised to keep group sizes to not more than 100, meaning that there would be no income to Groups.io.

I am reluctant to say it but IMHO Groups.io's financial model looks a bit fragile; it probably worked perfectly well with the ratio of Enterprise & Premium to Basic groups that existed (say) 30 months ago but the influx of groups - almost certainly mainly "free" - following Yahoo's 2 spasms of withdrawal from this market sector radically changed the ratio such that the financial balance was seriously impaired, hence the need for a revised payment structure.


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