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I might have made the original suggestion to charge subscribers a fee. Since that was a while back, and my scheme for doing so was split among two message posts, and since we are repeating earlier ideas, here it is in complete summary:

- Charge subscribers on a tiered basis for the number of free/basic groups they want to subscribe to. For example:

Up to 3 groups: FREE
4 to 10 groups: $5.00/yr
More than 10 groups: $10.00/yr

- Owners retain the option to pay for their group as in the current pricing structure;

- Any subscriber can join an unlimited number of Paid groups (assuming they are invited or accepted by group owners);

- Subscribers can join or leave groups at any time, subject to the maximum number of groups in the tier they have paid for. (Example: If a subscriber in the FREE tier wants to add a 4th group they must either pay for a higher tier or unsubscribe from one of their existing groups in order to join the new one.)

So, the subscriber fees would be an additional revenue stream along with the current owner fees.

There is little or no additional help desk activity since group owners continue to do the management and subscriber hand holding for their own groups.


On 12/31/20 14:58, J_Catlady wrote:
On Wed, Dec 30, 2020 at 09:40 PM, Jim Betz wrote:
  How about a payment - per member, directly to groups.io, using
PayPal or a
credit ... that is a single payment for unlimited number of groups
That has already been suggested in this thread (what? you haven't read al 250 messages?;) and it still means asking people to pay to take part in a bunch of unknown mailing lists. I really doubt it would fly. Put yourself in the shoes of a potential, not current, customer. Would you really be willing to pay money for the privilege of being able to sign up for mailing lists before even knowing WTH they are or what groups.io is all about?  It's a huge disincentive and might destroy the business altogether.
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