moderated Re: Member list format issues #bug



Andy wrote:

The format of the member list has changed so that it now takes two
lines per member for those in my group due to the number of badges
that are displayed after the delivery method.
I'm seeing this also in the Delivery column, even when the width of the display window is more than adequate. It looks like the Delivery column has a fixed width that is inadequate.

This behavior is not replicated in the Email column. It and the Display Name column resize with the window width, and the badges in the Email column are still clipped by the Delivery column when the window size is too narrow.

Was this an attempt to fix a bug for something else?
If it was an attempt to fix the display of badges then I'd say the fix is incomplete because it did not include the Email column.

also Firefox 84.0.1 (64-bit) under Win10 Pro

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