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Sandi D <sandi.asgtechie@...>

On Wed, Dec 30, 2020 at 06:04 AM, Samuel Murrayy wrote:
My reasoning for the silver group is to allow groups who might want to be come larger or use more features to be able to do so without a very sudden change in pricing...
I can't afford $20 a month but I want to pay something to GIO for the service being offered which is the ability to find and join basic groups. 

I agree with everyone on this thread who has suggested there needs to be something between $0 for 99 member groups and $20 a month for 101 member groups (not counting the owner). I don't know what that something looks like. 

I want to pay something for the use of my personal GIO accounts and not because I am made one of the group Owners so I can assist them with the technology side of group administration.

There is no way for me to show my appreciation for GIO as an account holder other than to create a group with myself as the sole member so I could "donate" periodically by upgrading and downgrading.

I buy a number of monthly services that cost me $0.99 to $2.99 a month. I would pay something in that range for the privilege of having a GIO account so that I could find and join the basic groups who are on GIO.

These are 2 different issues/suggestions.
One is introducing a group owner price point between $0 and $20.
The other is a mechanism to allow GIO account holders to pay for the privilege of GIO membership should they want to "donate" to a business model (not to a non profit) or should they want to become a paying member of GIO.

Of note, I have created a group with me alone in that group so I can pay Mark for what I consider a valuable service. I found it very simple to do. Create a basic group. Go to Admin, Upgrade, select Premium for one month and enter your credit card.

Sandi Dickenson

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