locked Re: Pricing Changes #update


I am owner/co-owner of several Basic (Free) lists and one that moved to Premium when image storage exceeded 1 GB.  A couple of these lists have 2000 members but less than 500MB of image storage.  If these two lists were to upgrade to premium after Jan 18th each  would cost $1100 per year.

Will the new price changes be the last? We have had two changes in the last  two years.  The fee per member concept will likely be modified in the future.  Perhaps a Basic list should have a fee per member assessed when the list is over 400 subscribers.  My list continues to grow so I am doing some long term (5 year) planning.  If  three years from now my Basic list has to upgrade to Premium, it will cost me $1100/per year for the last two years of the next five years ($2200 total).  If I upgrade now to Premium I will have to pay $220/year for the next five years ($1100 total).

I polled my list members of the dilemma “Do I remain Basic and hope for no price increase although there have been two in the last two years; Or do we upgrade to Premium now at $220 per year recognizing that our list size represents a far greater cost than small free lists.  Nobody supported an upgrade to Enterprise (for large  lists).  So far 76% of responders support an upgrade to Premium.  Some said that the service deserved more financial support than ‘free’.  Others felt that the value of the list to them deserved financial support and the support from Mark deserved compensation.  The poll runs another week after which the list will be upgraded to Premium.

The issue of image storage brought up another issue.  Should video files be stored in photos or separately?  With limited storage,  video files gobble up space.  I have restricted image size for photos, however no control over video files.  Perhaps video files should not be allowed in Basic lists and stored separately in Premium and Enterprise lists to help list owners manage them.

ken clark


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