locked Re: Pricing Changes #update

John Wirtz SF

Ellen wrote:


There is no way I'm going to charge "my subscribers."  I do not own anything in groups.io; if I was forced to pay, I might see myself as

a renter, a tenant. That's the analogy. Google groups would not do because they have no archives, no files (we do share essays) and no photos

(which we share with one another) -- they are part of the 3 different groups' identities, their memory as it were.


This paragraph doesn’t make any sense whatsoever!


I find the thread tiresome because the sentiment that is coming across is that the owners of free groups want those who pay for premium or enterprise to subsidise the free/basic groups.

Sorry, that’s not fair trading.  As far as I can see, Mark has set out a pricing plan and isn’t going to change it.


John Wirtz

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