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John Wirtz SF

I think what would be really useful as the thread now becoming slightly confrontational is that Mark bring this discussion to a close with a statement either re-iterating his pricing structure going forward or letting us know it is still under review.


If I worked for Mark, and I was tasked with sorting this out, this would be my approach:


Groups.io isn’t in the business of assessing how much of a service each individual group provides to its subscribers.  It exists to maintain and improve the platform.

So collecting subscriptions from individual subscribers is a non-starter.


When one creates a group, it might be simple support group restricted to a number of subscribers of, as suggested up to a hundred who want an easy way to communicated. 

On the other hand, if you’re creating an interest group that is likely to attract 10,000, then you might need to reconsider the status of the group and make a small charge for membership.  That is the group administrators responsibility, no that of Groups.io.


I don’t think that beyond a hundred members, there should be free groups and I would recommend that an intermediate package – if commercially realistic – was offered to smaller groups who relied on member subscriptions.


But, it is up to group creators and owners to take responsibility for their groups and charge their subscribers, not the platform provider.


One final point about income.  Yahoo, Google, etc have many income streams, not least by sharing your personal data, so they can afford to offer free groups.  Group’s io have only one source, payments for premium and enterprise packages.  He needs more of the group to pay for the service.  Simple.


But, please kill or close this boring thread, there’s been enough opinion and it’s getting tiresome now.


John Wirtz







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On Wed, Dec 30, 2020 at 11:04 AM, Samuel Murrayy wrote:

I think we can be clear that the purpose of Groups.io is to make money,

And why do you go to work, exactly? I would argue that the purpose of Groups.io is to provide a service. At some point in the chain providing that service costs money, and the person coordinating everything (Mark) has to put food on the table. What is so dreadfully wrong with persons using a service being the people who pay for it?

Not many businesses survive very long by losing money.


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