locked Re: Pricing Changes #update



I don't believe that relying on donations is the way to go, and I
won't be pursuing that.
I hope you mean that only in the sense Mike suggested (becoming a non-profit).

I think a simplified Donation mechanism (which doesn't require the group owner to set up an account at Stripe) could help many group owners find a way to support their group.

I haven't used Stripe, but I have set up an account through Square in support of a PTA unit. I found that experience a bit fraught -- and I wasn't even putting my own bank account on the line (the unit, fortunately, has its own). I can imagine how the current Donation mechanism might daunt group owners who have no prior experience with CC merchant accounts.

Taking it a step further, I think allowing Basic groups to use a simplified version could help them cross the threshold to a Premium plan.


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