locked Re: Pricing Changes #update


For whatever it's worth, I think M K really nails it.

Mark has built a wonderful platform here and without team. If anything, I'd like to see him grow it more rapidly...with outside capital or organically. More likely both.  But, from ethical or societal perspectives, this isn't the Salvation Army or local church. It is a business.  Businesses have to generate positive cash flow to survive.  Business with real growth potential, as GIO surely has, can also do a world of good for the many people who eventually may be hired to support that growth in different roles.  There is nothing wrong or less admirable about building an honest and successful business.  Non-profits are also wonderful and obviously do a ton of good in the world. Successful companies increasingly have CSR (corporate social responsibility) teams that support non-profits with whatever resources.  

MK really speaks the truth when (s)he writes "Whatever business model is chosen by [Mark], there are going to be users who will be unhappy for one reason or another."  You can take that to the bank and we've already seen that on this long thread.  That aside, the ethics and honesty behind this for-profit company are very evident to me and rather awesome.

Mark appreciates input/feedback but isn't asking for votes since businesses aren't democracies.  Still, my vote is "carry on!"  A great platform by a wonderful and accomplished entrepreneur with a big heart. That's what groups.io is to me.

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