locked Re: Pricing Changes #update



On Tue, Dec 29, 2020 at 12:49 PM Mike Hanauer via groups.io <MGHanauer=yahoo.com@groups.io> wrote:

What I have suggested, not demanded, is a balance that I believe the present track lacks and reasons behind my thinking. If you are reading what I say, it is with closed eyes. How about considering the substance of my thinking?

I don't believe that relying on donations is the way to go, and I won't be pursuing that. Also, I don't see how changing the pricing structure for future groups could be considered a 'bait and switch'. Finally, Google Groups (or one of the other email group services) may indeed be a better fit for some groups. I have no issue with that, and it's one of the many reasons I make it as easy as possible for groups to export their data.


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