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Mike Hanauer

Please read again my main points about trust and common good.

Nobody is suggesting anyone work for free or anything less than reasonable wage. Nobody. Even those running non-profits and B corporations often do quite well. We can have a good platform that considers trust and the common good and rewards all involved -- in monetary and non-monetary ways. That is called a win-win. I believe anything less will turn into a lose-lose.

See below what I and other believe must be turned around. 

Consider Better, not Bigger. So many advantages. Just ask. USA adds a Chicago to our overpop each year.
"Still more population growth is not our way to a healthy community, a healthy planet, OR enjoyable cycling."


On Tuesday, December 29, 2020, 10:52:09 AM EST, Mike Hanauer via groups.io <mghanauer@...> wrote:

Hi Mark and All,

First, thank you for creating a groups platform that has been a refreshing change from the usual. However,

I think the new model, and even changing the model in this way, will be good for Google and bad for Groups.io, Mark, and society. It's not just a model change - it feels like a signal of a changed philosophy and value system. It feels too like a trust issue.

Here are my concerns,
  1. Many have moved their groups to Groups.io because of the perceived notion that it can be trusted as offering a platform that truly values its customers and the common good. That trust is critical.
  2. Changing the model in itself creates doubt about trust. This feels like profit creep, like bait and switch.
  3. There are many groups of over 100 members that are wonderful community groups. Trying to charge these groups is a problem in many ways, especially with alternatives available.
  4. Groups grow. Going over 100 (or whatever number) now will become a burden.
  5. The fact that existing groups will be grandfathered is a recognition of this fact. 
I urge you to see the big picture here. 

Personally, I have been recommending Groups.io to potential moderators. With the new philosophy, I can no longer do so. It is feeling like bait and switch. It is feeling like just another business. I urge you to rescind the change, reconsider the values you really value, and get more creative. I think understanding customer values and trust is crucial.

I offered the following recently. It resulted in no comment, but I do feel that it should be discussed and considered as an alternative that will bring to credibility to Mark and the Groups.io platform

Mike Hanauer via groups.io <mghanauer@...>
To: main@beta.groups.io

Mon, Dec 21 at 8:23 AM

I believe Groups.io is an important resource for our society. 

How about considering becoming a non-profit and asking for donations similar to what Wikipedia does to fill in the shortfall, at least for those who are not profit making businesses?


AllTheBest and thanks for listening.


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