locked Re: Pricing Changes #update

Ken Schweizer

Duane said:


>While the system may handle things well on average,

>it's the peak load that determines what infrastructure is

>needed to support the site, and that has a cost. 

>I'll continue to support Mark and GIO as much as I can.

IMO, not one of us using GROUPS.IO would build a network and work for nothing except the joy of seeing others use it. So why expect Mark to do so?


I am not a mind reader, so I would not speculate on why Mark set up GROUPS.IO. I do know if it were me I would make sure the endeavor would be self-supporting and would support my efforts and my family's needs if GROUPS.IO took 100% of my time.


As a member and co-owner of a "BASIC" group that doesn't receive anything except e-mail from our members, I understand Mark's needs and thank Mark for "BASIC GROUPS". If Mark decides he needs to change his pricing to support himself and his family, so be it. Then each of us must put on our adult pants and decide if we can afford to continue using his services.


My only suggestion is a simpler and better way for owners and members to make support contributions. Temporarily Upgrading a group or setting up a temporary dummy upgraded group just doesn't make it.




"Simply put, Socialism rewards sloth and penalizes hard work, while Capitalism rewards hard work and penalizes sloth."  C. Bradley Thompson



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