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<<<But when the 1001th customer arrives your capacity is exceeded, performance tumbles and you start having outages. Then you have a problem.>>>

Nice explanation/model.  Thank you (my comment about adding 1 to 400 was obviously tongue-in-cheek.)  But as I said, what you say above is true in the fictional model only when #1,001 has activity that’s the same as the 1,000.  There’s nil cost to add 500 or 1,000, if they are all essentially non-users of bandwidth or storage (infrastructure.)  Storing names and email addresses and flipping around an email is ‘near zero’ cost I would imagine, in terms of hard costs. 

In our situation I described, I wouldn’t expect any substantive cost difference whether our membership was 400 or 1600, when there are only 2 dozen active members. 

(Discounting the cost of stringing cable to the house) you can have 100 or 10,000 cable subscribers if no more than the same number of TVs are turned on at one time.

Am I missing something fundamental?

I think of gio as a sort of community, opposed to Y!G or GG, and want to see Marc succeed for many reasons.  On the other hand an increase of nearly a grand a year is impossible to make work for, I fear, too many for it to succeed and — although we’re gf’d in now and I’m not the owner — I’d hate for our group to be in the situation of needing to migrate again from another failed service like Y!G. 

Ken K

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