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Donald Hellen

Shal . . .

On Sat, 26 Dec 2020 10:10:51 -0500, "Drew" <pubx1@af2z.net> wrote:

In any case there are still USENET providers around who charge
individuals a mostly flat fee for access to thousands of groups. (Some
people may not know that USENET was the original "groups".)
My cable internet provider used to provide access to Usenet for free.
I now pay $2.95/mo for a small number of GB of data, plenty for me
since I don't download copyright protected movies and certain types of

There are free providers but they are iffy for connections at times,
so the small fee is worth it for me from forteinc.com.

Usenet is full of spam in many groups but there is still some useful
content available.

Yes, it was the original groups. I have access to about 140,000 Usenet
groups last time I checked. Some of the free access services don't
offer near that much, and my cable provider only offered about half of
that number.

I just mention this so others know there's a whole 'nother world out
there on the internet. Groups.io came along a long time after the wild
west days of the internet.


Some ham radio groups you may be interested in:
https://groups.io/g/ICOM https://groups.io/g/Ham-Antennas
https://groups.io/g/HamRadioHelp https://groups.io/g/Baofeng
https://groups.io/g/CHIRP https://rf-amplifiers.groups.io/g/main

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