locked Re: Pricing Changes #update



I wish there was a way to give money to io groups with no strings
Use the "Upgrade ($20) for one month, w/automatic downgrade to Basic after" button. Use it in a test group if you don't want to use it in a real group. It doesn't even have to be your test group.

I have a couple of grandfathered groups I will not make into paid
groups for a short time and then have to go back to a free group, I do
not want to loose the benefits I have because I moved my groups quite
some time ago.
You won't. Your Basic group's legacy features are determined by its creation date, not by the date of any upgrades or downgrades.

If I collect money to pay for a group, that money would be counted as
my income ...
My proposed simplified Donation idea avoids the issue: all payments (yours and members') would be directly to Groups.io.


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