locked Re: Pricing Changes #update



What if, in exchange for $20/year as an individual, I could join any
group that would have me and not count toward their member limit? So
even if a basic group was packed with 100 non-paying members, I could
still join it. A premium group would not have to pay 55 cents per
year for me. Something like that would not be a "donation", where the
person gets no individual benefit over someone who does not donate,
nor would it be a mandatory fee,
I like that idea.

If there are any other special perks that could be given to paying
members, that would be nice, but I don't have any ideas what those
might be at the moment.
Sort of like joining a YouTuber's Discord channel. I like that too.

Also, maybe there could be donation incentives at the group level, either within the current Donation method and/or within the simplified (no Stripe) method I suggested.

What the perks would be in an email group context it isn't obvious to me either. Some toss-out ideas (each imagined perk being a group option):

o Membership in subgroups designated by the group owner as perks (that can be done now, with some bookkeeping, using Restricted membership in the subgroup). But the suggestion here is to reduce the owner's bookkeeping by automating the donation and the granting of the perk.

o The ability to post HTML message content (bypassing the group's Plain Text Only setting).

o The ability to Create Hashtags (if that's otherwise restricted to mods).

o The ability to Upload/Add content in various Feature areas (Hashtags, Chats, Calendar, Photos, Files, Databases, Wiki). This is a level of control that can't be simulated with bookkeeping at the moment.

o The ability to Download the Message Archive.


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