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Charles Roberts

Best idea I've heard yet.

Chuck, CABGx3

On Dec 25, 2020 11:26 AM, Janice <jbahrt@...> wrote:
My group is a Premium group grandfathered in from years ago so these changes do not affect me.  I currently pay the $10 a month fee out of my own pocket for my 2000+ group.  I know that if I were not grandfathered in, I would not be able to continue my group.  The headaches of trying to collect donations would not be worth it  There are probably many in that same situation.  BUT,  I know that I would be willing to suffer through some limited number of ads to help Mark make a profit and still keep the cost of Groups.io reasonable for certain groups.  Could there be a Groups.io with ads option to eliminate or reduce the cost for those needing that consideration?  The default would be Groups.io without ads and a higher cost per such groups.  Groups willing to suffer through ads could opt out of the default and keep their costs down. 

Just Saying.

Janice B
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