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I think Mark has made it pretty clear that he doesn’t want to be in the business of selling advertising. And I don’t blame him. I myself run a business providing and selling service X. I would not in any lifetime consider providing that service free to my customers and selling advertising attached to my service to make a living. It’s not the business I’m in, I have no interest in it, I would probably not be any good at it and would no doubt have to hire yet others to do it, and I’m against in principle foisting ads on my clients do they don’t have to pay. I’m surmising all or most of the above applies to Mark.

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Janice . . .

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Could there be a Groups.io with ads option to eliminate or reduce the cost for those needing that consideration? The default would be Groups.io without ads and a higher cost per such groups. Groups willing to suffer through ads could opt out of the default and keep their costs down.
I wondered about this too but it would only work if the members had to
get their messages at the group web site and not by email.

Yes, ads could be put in the posts emailed out to members but those
aren't as catchy as the ones on a web site, and some email clients,
like the one I use, don't render the HTML formatting in a message
unless I allow it to, as a security precaution. Ads would probably not
be effective at all in plain text.

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