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Sandi D <sandi.asgtechie@...>

On Thu, Dec 24, 2020 at 02:20 PM, Scott Chase wrote:
Members really need to have a sense of responsibility in helping to fund the existence of Groups.io. If Members having a sense of responsibility is not addresses at some point, I fear there won't be enough benevolent Owners to keep this thing alive long-term, especially as other competing service inevitably come online (e.g. Google). And losing Groups.io would hurt us ALL,... Mark, Owners and Members alike.
Scott, Thanks for this prospective. Like you, I have created and "own" groups that are not "mine". They belong to others who lack the skills needed to create/own/manage a group. I have no desire to impose myself as their "money collector".

I don't want to create multiple Stripe accounts. Believe me the true owners (governance boards) are not capable and/or desirous of creating a Stripe account either. I don't want to create or manage even one Stripe account and keep tabs on what is being collected from whom and which group needs more money to pay their GIO bill. Its not a nightmare I want to delve into. 

Nor am I willing to bump a "free" group up to Premium to donate to GIO. That makes sense if I truly saw myself as the GIO Group Owner but I don't. I am only an Owner in the eyes of GIO because that is to only way I can access the functional menus and safeguard the group's continued existence. 

I contribute annually to many free Wikis and other free online services. I use them and I feel sense of belonging and pride to be able to donate to them. I would most definitely donate periodically to GIO because I have a GIO member level account. The fact that I have created GIO groups for others or happen to be made an Owner because of my technical abilities does not mean I want to donate on their behalf. 

Before Oct 2019, GIO offered something very different. Seeing the rapid pace of GIO pricing and feature changes over the past 14 months makes me wonder what it will look next year and if clubs and organizations will find it competive with other forum/communication apps and platforms. 

Sandi Dickenson

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