locked Re: Pricing Changes #update

Ken Schweizer

It just seems like it would make more sense if the subscriber were the
customer instead of the group owner.
I cannot imagine the increase in the complexity of billing, recording, and reporting the millions of charges if individuals were charged rather than groups. I don't know how many groups Mark has to keep track of or how big his finance "department" is now, but he would have to hire a large organization to keep track of millions of billings; thus an increase in pricing to compensate the new "business partner".

If GROUPS.IO billed each individual for each group they belong to the nightmare expands exponentially.

Many smaller public groups have a large number of "lurkers" who benefit from the groups but rarely if ever participate: should they be charged full price? Others are not financially able to do much more than exist and use the public groups as a way to be "included" in today's society. Charging them would totally isolate them.

I wish there were an easier way to "donate" to GROUPS.IO, but maybe that "nightmare" is a reason why.
Would a "GoFundMe" page work?????

IMO, Mark was smart enough to set GROUPS.IO up, get it working, "advertise" it, keep it working, and keep improving it so he would be the one who determines what is needed financially to keep it rolling. Then it's up to each of us to decide if we can afford to keep using the services he is providing.


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