locked Re: Pricing Changes #update


On 12/23/20 12:56, txercoupemuseum.org wrote:
Mark’s choices as to how much he can “give” to his “customers” and how much he can extract for himself are neither infinite nor insulated from “real world considerations”.  In short, he must “choose wisely”  :<)
The group owners are the customers in the current pricing structure. The subscribers are a commodity that owners need to manage in order to reduce their own costs. Something like excess inventory-- you don't want to get stuck with too much of it.

Owning a group is like running a franchise (of Groups.io), except the owner can't make any money; they probably lose money, or at least time and effort in managing the group, whatever personal satisfaction they may receive for their efforts. Certainly, the effort to come up with funds to pay for the group would not be part of that personal satisfaction.

It just seems like it would make more sense if the subscriber were the customer instead of the group owner.


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