moderated Re: Preventing the export of a table by non-owners #suggestion

Rick N


Being able to display the information from a table is enough to be able to gather it, and you don't need to specifically be able to download and collect it.  Google the term "screen scraping" if you're not familiar with it.



On Mon, Dec 21, 2020 at 11:11 AM Peter Cook <peterscottcook@...> wrote:
One of my groups is limited to the residents of my community. It contains database that is an opt-in directory of residents, including some who are actually group members. (It's a holdover from the days when we used to publish a hardcopy directory of everyone in the neighborhood and provide one to every household.) We're grappling with privacy issues here and want to minimize this data getting out into the world, at least in a wholesale way.

So my request is to have the option in the Permissions section of a table to disallow anyone other than the table owner, the groups owner, and/or the group moderators to export the contents of the table.

Thanks for your consideration.


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