moderated Re: RSVP Waitlist Promotion Issues #bug



On Mon, Dec 21, 2020 at 5:50 AM Charlie Behnken <charles.behnken@...> wrote:
I've had two reports of issues with the promotion from the Waitlist to Attending recently - both on the same event.

This is a small event with a limit of 10 people.  Most are singles, but a few are +1s.  The invite was sent out on December 16th and about 23 people RSVP'd as Will Attend.  The 10th person to respond was a +1 and was put on the Waitlist.  Unexpectedly, to us,  the next person to respond was accepted as an attendee. 

I have fixed this behavior. Someone earlier in the waitlist with a +1 will prevent someone later on the waitlist from being added, even if that later person doesn't have a +1.

The second one was on the same event where there were about 12 people on the Waitlist when on December 17th a response was changed to Not Attending.  In this case no one was promoted and the spot remained open until on December 18th a totally new response was received.  This person should have been the 13th on the Waitlist, but instead they were immediately accepted and filled the 10th spot.  This is definitely a bug, and the leader had to reach out to them, explain the system incorrectly accepted their response, and manually remove them from the  event.

I wasn't able to reproduce this, but I believe the changes I made will prevent this from happening in the future.

Also, on the /viewevent page, I'm now include +1 numbers when displaying the number of people on the waitlist as well as the number of people ahead of you on the waitlist.


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