moderated Re: Preventing the export of a table by non-owners #suggestion


On 21/12/2020 15:30, Peter Cook wrote:> So my request is to have the option in the Permissions section of a table to disallow anyone other than the table owner, the groups owner, and/or the group moderators to export the contents of the table.
If a user can access the table, the user can export the table.

This is where you have to do a deep dive into what data you are providing, and why you providing each specific datum.

Depending upon your legal jurisdiction, national, provincial/state, county/parish/district, city/town/village statutes, regulations, ordinances, and laws may have a bearing upon what data your organization may disseminate, either publicly, semi-publicly, or privately.
Also note that employers may have rules about data dissemination of employees by other organizations. Rules that may or may not be legally binding.


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