moderated RSVP Waitlist Promotion Issues #bug

Charlie Behnken

I've had two reports of issues with the promotion from the Waitlist to Attending recently - both on the same event.

This is a small event with a limit of 10 people.  Most are singles, but a few are +1s.  The invite was sent out on December 16th and about 23 people RSVP'd as Will Attend.  The 10th person to respond was a +1 and was put on the Waitlist.  Unexpectedly, to us,  the next person to respond was accepted as an attendee. 

Others have told me that they have seen in the past where the +1s on the Waitlist never get accepted since the attendees are primarily singles and only one spot at time opens up.  The +1 stay at the top of the Waitlist while others are promoted past them.   So even if 2 or more change to Will Not Attend over the course of time, the +1s never get promoted.  To be fair, the spot should remain open until another person changes to Will Not Attend  allowing the +1 to be accepted. (Yes, this could become an issue if the +1 is a +5 and open spots just sit there, but the organizer can manually add people).

The second one was on the same event where there were about 12 people on the Waitlist when on December 17th a response was changed to Not Attending.  In this case no one was promoted and the spot remained open until on December 18th a totally new response was received.  This person should have been the 13th on the Waitlist, but instead they were immediately accepted and filled the 10th spot.  This is definitely a bug, and the leader had to reach out to them, explain the system incorrectly accepted their response, and manually remove them from the  event.

We get a lot of flack from members who don't get accepted to events, and we can't have the system not promoting in they order they respond..

Thanks for looking into this,

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