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Dave Wade

On Wed, Dec 16, 2020 at 10:50 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:

Hi All,

I mentioned a year ago that I was considering changing to a per-member based
pricing scheme for new groups.
This would align our revenue with our costs; the larger the group, the more it
costs us to host. It's also industry standard.
As Dilbert once said "Industry standard" roughly equates to "average"

- The non-profit Enterprise discount will continue; $100/month or $1100/year,
with the per member pricing being either $0.10/member/month or

Please let me know if you have any questions.
I am a member of many groups that offer peer support for users of a particular price of free software or are enthusiasts about a particular piece of Vintage hardware. Such groups are essentially "not for profit" but they don't have any formal constitution. Probably the only money they have is that raised specifically to pay for the groups.io bill. I assume these will be treated as commercial.

In the UK there are many forms of "not for profit", so "Charitable" , "Company Limited by Guarantee" and "un-incorporated clubs and societies". How would you treat those. I personally find it incongruous that some UK Charities are in effect huge businesses who now concentrate more on making money than they do in fulfilling their charitable aims.

For example in the UK the "National Trust" a charity that is supposed to "preserve" yet makes more from its coffee bars and souvenir shops than it does on admission fees and pays its chairmain something like $300,000 a year.

Dave Wade

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