locked Re: Pricing Changes #update


Now that the pricing structure is radically changing to a fee per member.  I feel that the Home page should be changed to show if a list is Basic (Free), Premium or Enterprise.

Mark has not indicated if in the future all lists will be charged a per member fee if their membership is over the target size for their type of list.

Apparent list target sizes :

Free - 100 members

Premium - 400 members

Enterprise -1000 members

I am co-owner of one list that has paid for Premium subscription but on the billing page - Group features shows image storage at 1 GB, same as it was when the list was Basic(Free)

Neither Owner is down as a payor, instead it is the moderator designated as the only payor.

Now that lists on groups.io are headed into a new pricing scheme, more transparency on list status is needed.

The new pricing policy effective Jan 18th establishes that list of 2000 members should be an Enterprise subscription at $4400 per year.  The implication is that a grandfathered Basic list 

of 2000 members is costing (lost revenue) groups.io $4400 a year.  That is not a tenable plan.  E.G I do not expect a twenty year old Basic list with 2,000 members to remain fee free more than a couple of years.

Now it would be more likely that a Premium (Paid) list might avoid a fee per member surcharge for a longer time.  So do I upgrade to Premium in the next couple of weeks to avoid the high fee per member

charges that could be coming in the future?

ken clark


Re: Pricing Changes
From: J_Catlady
Date: Sun, 20 Dec 2020 09:29:12 PST

That won't work because a decision was made (which I strongly agree with) a long time ago not to let members know which groups are paid and which ones are not.

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