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Penny said:  "I understand that this service has to pay for itself, and luckily my group is grandfathered so this won't affect it.”

Mark is obviously a talented and conscientious individual, and Groups.io is “his”.  He does as he likes, and likes what he does.  With no board of directors or stockholders to answer to, he is accountable to no one.  

Only he knows how much it costs to “pay for” day-to-day Groups.io operations versus development and maintenance of “service enhancements”.   Group owners can beat their gums to exhaustion here; but, in the end, what is done or not done is solely up to him.

It is quite possible after “rescuing” refugees from the Yahoo debacle at ever increasing price and overseeing the huge increase in groups here, that he feels he’s “done his bit”.  He has most graciously grandfathered a majority of groups that "came over” as free or one-year premium payers who were allowed to revert back to “free” status.

If he envisions a future for Groups.io that will provide ongoing revenues on the order of that he earned from the Yahoo migration, he needs more groups that can be depended upon to generate ongoing revenue.  Just as some doctors decide to eschew Medicare, Medicaid and even “normally” insured people to deliver a premium “concierge” level of “on demand” services the average American can only dream of for a substantial annual fee.

Until someone else “builds a better mousetrap”, human inertia is a powerful force keeping existing groups here.




On Dec 20, 2020, at 12:09 PM, PurplePenny <purplepenny@...> wrote:

I understand that this service has to pay for itself, and luckily my group is grandtfathered so this won't affect it.  However, if I were just thinking of moving to G.Io this would cost me nearly $2000 a year which would be prohibitively expensive for me.  I can' ask members for contributions: many of them are struggling finacially as it is.  One member sold her car to pay her vet bills, others do without their own healthcare to pay for their cats.  They just couldn't afford to donate, and I couldn't afford to pay $2000 from my own pocket.

As other have asked, I wonder which aspect is the most costly.  Could a lower cost per member with a tiered system for added benefits work?  For instance, my group only averages about 5 messages a day, but we do need to use photos and files. We do need occasionally need the message archive going back to the start of the group in 1999 (I had to do one just today!), but I think most message searches are within the last 5-10 years.



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