locked Re: Pricing Changes #update


Our premium-to-migrate the kitchen sink group has 2000 members... and dropping back to free, 1Gig of memory. In 20 year it has used/collected (billable) 750Megs.

Say, we are good for 5 more years. OK.

All I am saying that to jump from
000$ & 1Gig to
____$ & 20 Gigs is a too-huge leap.

If not 1 Gig to
2 Gigs, 4, 8, 16, etc then maybe
2, 5, 10, 20.

Of course WE cannot see the difficulties in implementing tiers. 1, 4, 16, 32? 1, 5, 20? How the tiers can be economically formed is beyond us.

2nd issue; per Member;

Collecting $1 through some services costs 58 cents. If that was the minimum, collecting $0.10 is 58 additional cents.

3rdly; I was in well over a hundred yahoo lists. Often I'll offered to take over a list to keep it alive. Perhaps some way to give "volume buyers" a break. Speaking annually; 10$/100, 5 for 2nd 100 & each 100 up to 500. 3$ for ea 100 to 1000.
My group of 2000 would be 10+20+15... 45$.

We looked at staying Premium.
We didn't use the services.

The PayPortal was of interest, justnto donate annually, but the provider wanted a cut and it was Wells Fargo, known to have pricing set that was discriminatory toward poor & therefore many elderly. Maybe that has changed. The taste in the mouths of some, has not. I left when the took over 1st Interstate.

And the portal carefully protects us from double paying. Well...  Donate 10$ and you cannot donate 5 more - even if 24 hours has elapsed. The owner must set up a PayPortal with a new donation name.

1 Gig in 20-25 years for a semi-busy list, jumping to 20? "Our HardDrive" would be all dusty in, uh... 400 years...

200$ for 2000 members?
How to collect 10 cents apiece?
Several lists?
Who doesn't get new socks this year for their birthday?

May have to dig out my Hayes1200.


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