locked Re: Pricing Changes #update

JeffH - W4JEW

I like the idea of having a method to accept donations - especially if the primary motivation is to support the group's existence on Groups.io. I've reminded people that Groups.io is and has been 100% free of advertisements. It's one of the few services left that is like that so in that regard it stands out from the rest.

I manage/maintain 3 different groups on Groups.io - all 3 revolve around amateur (ham) radio. Only one of the groups is in support of an amateur radio club that is 501(c)(3) non-profit and has an annual membership fee. The other two groups are merely discussion boards to support interest groups - definitely not anything even remotely resembling a club. 

That said, there are group members that are willing to donate money to support the group's existence on this site. But without an integrated mechanism to support receiving monies, we have to resort to using something like Go Fund Me which is, in my opinion, overkill for the type of money we are talking about for a $220/year annual fee.

I've looked at solutions like Donorbox before but I'm not sure if there's a method for adding custom HTML to allow for adding a button to provide a mechanism to accept donations but I wouldn't be opposed to doing something like that. Hopefully that wouldn't violate terms of service. 

It would be great for Group.io to offer an integration with Donorbox (or similar) for this purpose. Is this something that could be considered in the near future?

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