moderated Re: Allow members to mute other members #suggestion

Chris Jones

On Sat, Dec 19, 2020 at 04:28 PM, Glenn Glazer wrote:
Alice and Bob don't like each other and mute each other.
I must say I have found this thread a bit depressing. As we go through life we encounter all sorts of people we don't want as "bosom buddies" but we have to get along with them on some level and thus have to accept that we cannot avoid them, or they us. Perhaps the most likely scenario is the work environment where we have little or no choice about the people we have to work alongside or deal with in other organisations.

IMHO it says nothing favourable about the characters of the people involved if they are incapable of "live and let live", particularly (as seems to be the case) where neither is actually saying anything that breaks any rules of proper group conduct. 

As group members (and moderators) we probably all groan from time to time at so and so's latest post without feeling any uncontrollable urge to not read the post or perhaps reject it unless there is a genuine substantive reason for that rejection.

I suppose I am trying to say that the people involved should "grow up"...


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