moderated Re: Allow members to mute other members #suggestion



Alice and Bob don't like each other and mute each other. Both are on
digest, so the system has to figure out, on a member by member basis,
which subset of messages go in each digest. This is horribly
complicated to implement and almost certainly not performant.
This already happens for each member's mute or follow choices. So not much new about that part.

Now, we have Charlie, another digest user who is agnostic to Alice's
and Bob's little spat. He's also an email user, not a web UI user.

Is the system supposed to detect this for each mute and
filter it out of replies as well?
It doesn't matter whether Charlie uses individual vs digest, nor email vs web. All that matters is that Charlie quoted either or both of them.

And no, I don't expect the system to do anything novel about such quotes. It already does its best to remove trailing quotes from digest, and to hide trailing quotes on the web. I don't expect any extra effort to detect quotes of muted members.

IMO Alice and Bob would simply have to accept that limitation as part of their use of the group. Or unsubscribe.


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