locked Re: Pricing Changes #update


On Thu, Dec 17, 2020 at 03:54 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
I do appreciate all the feedback, please keep it coming.
My biggest concern is the "low" limit on the number of members for each level of groups.  I currently have 5 groups, one a test group.  All except the test group were started almost 6 years ago.  The other 4 have memberships of 29, 173, 1445, and 2118.  The 29 member group is for a club and likely won't get much larger.  The others are related, were all started with me as the only member, and have grown by referrals.  Most of the members have never met each other since they're scattered all over the world.  If I were starting out on GIO now (actually after the change), I'm not sure I'd even consider it as a platform for us.  I might consider paying for one group and using subgroups, but even that would run around $1700/yr (possibly more) for Premium.  I know I would get contributions from some members, but I doubt that it would cover the total cost.

As grandfathered Basic groups, we do our best to minimize storage usage with no attachments allowed.  Right now, the total for all groups is less than 200 MB.   About 25% of the members read online, thus no email usage.  The total number of messages for all groups is about 43,000.

I realize my groups may not be the norm, so this is for informational purposes as a comparison.  Not knowing the costs to provide the service, I don't have a suggestion for what I would consider to be a more reasonable member limit.  It may be that what has been proposed is the only option.

On a more devious level, I've come up with a plan that would minimize payments and possibly keep the membership more current.  I'd remove all members just before a payment is due, pay the minimum amount, then add them all back using Direct Add.  No, I'd never actually do that, but it's a distinct possibility with the way things are defined now.


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