locked Re: Pricing Changes #update

Herb Gellis

Here's another way to slightly monetize a group that would be low pain, to help cover costs of running everything: Have two basic levels, one free as defined now, and one for $25 flat fee per year that adds a group-useful feature that perhaps is not cost-prohibitive to supply (e.g., polls or a bit more storage), or even allow the group to choose one of several (enumerated) "premium" features instead of just making it only a particular one. Without getting too crazy one could also make it $25 per extra feature, flat price per year.

There are probably a lot of free groups now that might be willing to pay the flat $25 fee to upgrade to "free+", paid for by the owner(s) of the group. Not a large barrier, but with a lot of groups participating would help the GIO bottom line. If I were to create a group that was small, it wouldn't tweak my brain much to pay $25 out of my own pocket to pick an extra feature and help GIO's bottom line.

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