locked Re: Pricing Changes #update

Dave Sergeant

Obviously some very different views on this issue.

Of the three groups I am owner of:

A national amateur radio group (with plenty of international members)
which has annual subs. 900 members of which around 600 subscribe to
gio. Clearly possible if necessary for the committee to pay an annual
charge to gio. They also use Wild Apricot for their membership
database, website and other things, costs a lot more than premium...
That also has a forum but we use gio because it is far better.

A group of TV engineers based in the UK, around 300 members. This is a
totally informal group and although many are employed in the trade they
operate individually and most would resent having to pay.

My local amateur radio club with 65 on gio (although the club
membership and annual subs is only 30 or so). Yes, could pay if need
be, but a year premium would be a significant part of our annual
turnover. No need for any of the premium bits.

Three groups, all very different, and all really hobbyists rather than
commercial organisations.



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