locked Re: Pricing Changes #update

Herb Gellis

Ok, I'm going to answer my question because I thought of something, though my particular GIO group would absolutely not go for it any way whatsoever ;-)

If the email archives themselves can be handled without worrying about major costs (again, in a large group, usually few people are the posters), then the issue becomes the email itself. If one created a plan level which I will call Bulletin-Board, that had no email, but required all members to log-in to post and read same, that would solve the email issues. All posts would stay local to the GIO system in its archives, nothing sent in or out, all activity would require logins. If a lot of members logged in at a single time that would require server horsepower, but this seems perhaps not a real-life worry (?)

Yes, Bulletin-Boards are an old idea, and I suspect for many (including my group) they wouldn't want to go that way. But if it is palatable to both Mark and a number of groups, it would perhaps solve the cost of scaling up to large memberships. Not for everybody.

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