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Larry Finch

On Thu, Dec 17, 2020 at 5:40 AM Mark Irving <m-pfaff@...> wrote:

For me it's a contribution to a low-budget hobby; when looking for a group host site as we moved off Yahoo! Groups two or three years ago, a $3000/year cost for a Premium plan would have ruled out Groups.io completely.

Now we're into competitive territory. A listserv license from L-Soft is about that: $3,000 a year. But that's for up to 20 lists, each of unlimited size. I'm site manager for a co-op server that hosts 15 non-profit listserv lists. Of course, you need an actual server to run it on, and techies who know how to manage a server. We pay about $300 a year for a virtual server on Linode, although AWS is pretty competitive also now. We're thinking of switching to mailman from listserv, which is free and open source. And we think we've found a hosting company that will do the heavy lifting on the server management end for about $500/year. In addition, our server hosts the websites for the groups we host. 

So I'm a little concerned that groups.io may be pricing themselves out of the market.


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