locked Re: Pricing Changes #update

Samuel Murrayy

On Fri, Dec 18, 2020 at 08:05 PM, toki wrote:
Based on that advice, some list-owners sent a notice to the list every 6
to 9 months, announcing that everybody would be removed from the list,
and would have to resubscribe, if they wished to continue receiving
A LISTSERV list that I'm a member of tells me once a year to confirm my subscription by replying to the mail.  If I don't confirm, I get unsubscribed.  This may be an idea for a Groups.io feature to help trim lists of unnecessary members.


More than once I subscribed to such a list, only to removed
the following week, and having to resubscribe to it. Typically, such
purges resulted in a loss of between 20% and 50% of the subscriber base.

In the early noughts, more than one book on mailing list management
suggested a rule of unsubscribing an individual, if they had not made a
post within the last 91 days. List-owners that implemented that rule
discovered subscriber numbers took a nosedive, and stayed down.

List-owners for free groups may have to resort to tactics similar to
those described, to stay under the maximum member mark.

On the upside, Mark did give a month's notice, for list-owners to skate
in under a grandfather clause.


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