moderated Re: Automatically mark "idle" members in Admin Members list #suggestion


On Fri, Dec 18, 2020 at 11:24 AM, Peter Cook wrote:
I would also find it useful to know who is active and who isn't. Another way to go about it would be to have a sortable "Last Post Date" column in the member list. Then the owner could decide what threshold to use.

I'm also in agreement that some kind of process/capability/metric can help in identifying member active status and help keep group membership trim and fit.  But because different groups operate in different ways, the OP suggestion(s) wouldn't really work for Announcement groups for example as everyone but the mods (who post) would be flagged as "inactive", or for groups which have set the ReplyTo going to the poster only, etc, etc.  Rules depending on email delivery settings only for something like this wouldn't work that well because of folks who read online only, plus many groups do not allow "No Email".  And things could (would) get more complicated work-wise if a dashboard/setting is created to allow for setting/tweaking the "threshold" values and the like in order for the auto marking to work and be meaningful/useful to the particular group, so that means multiple system areas would get touched (group settings, member display, and any underlying supporting/provider areas), which means some work would be involved.

In contrast, Peter's idea of adding a sortable "Last Post Date" column on the member display would (most likely) be the easiest and quickest thing to implement as it would affect only one area, and it would give full flexibility to the group admin to do what they want with that displayed info (and members).  And because it is an "ongoing" value, it would prevent the possibility of a member getting accidentally removed by a mod if when the mods looks, a member who otherwise was posting in the earlier months, for the last 2 months (for example) hasn't posted anything so there would be a "inactive" label next to them, and if there was an impetus to trim the membership they may get thrown out with the bathwater.


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