moderated Re: Automatically mark "idle" members in Admin Members list #suggestion


On 18/12/2020 16:30, Larry Finch wrote:
I am site manager for a Listserv (L-Soft) mailing list server. One of its
features is Probe, which periodically sends a message to each registered
address asking them to respond positively if they wish to remain on the
list. If the email bounces or they don’t respond they are removed from the
list. This catches addresses that do not receive list email as well as
those no longer interested.
In my experience, GMail is extremely good about identifying those probes, and labelling them as spam. Whilst I should look at my spam box at least once a week, i don't. (Roughly 30% of the email GMail marks as spam, is legitimate email from a mailing list I subscribe to.)


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