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John Wirtz SF

My group goes back to “E-groups” in the early noughties and I stayed with Yahoo until they messed things up.  In fact I styed rather longer as I couldn’t find an alternative.

I got ripped off by another group and lost £200.00 and finally found Groups.io.


I created the group from scratch, i.e. didn’t attempt a migration from Yahoo. And opted for the premium as I believe that a service should be paid for.

Re cost: £200.00 a year isn’t necessarily cheap and my group doesn’t use hardly any of the bells and whistles, we just need an integrated email system which is provided.


I currently have around 800 members.  I didn’t migrate all the subscriber from Yahoo as they were asked if they still wishes to be members but that group had reached about 3000 members in eighteen years. As we are small business, we cannot ask our members to pay for what is a marketing tool for the business.


So, Id like to know exactly what my terms will be from next year.  Currently pay a fixed monthly fee.  Is that going to rise, my group is about twelve months old now.


It might be harsh, but I would discontinue fee groups.  If they are voluntary, then members should be happy to pay 55 cents a year, that is cheap.  But not all groups will be able to do that.


Anyway, can you outline the costs for every type of package please, fee, premium and enterprise.




John Wirtz




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Your first two sentences were also true back when Groups.io offered fully featured “free groups”.  


I fail to see how the substantially expanded size of Groups.io since the demise of Yahoo Groups is LESS able to offer same, particularly following doubling of the “Premium” membership and related charges instituted as a precondition to moving groups from Yahoo.  A life changing amount of money flowed into Groups.io following the demise of Yahoo Groups. 


It would appear that something we can’t see “under the hood” has changed, something one might call a “mission statement”.    Back in the beginning Google’s motto was something inspirational like “don’t be bad”.  Now look at them.  Apple Computer once bragged “It just Works”.  Now they would have to add:  "until we quit supporting it with security updates and make you buy another one”.  


We have been put “on notice” that Groups.io will no longer offer those services substantially essential for the formation and maintenance of a functionally useful “free group”.  It may be that it was Mark’s intention to follow this path from the beginning…that was/is certainly his call.  


But just because an owner CAN do certain things does NOT mean he/she SHOULD do them.  With absolute authority comes absolute accountability (sorry, theologians).  


The level of involvement and effort Mark puts in is considerable, more than a “full time” job.  But most of the “latest and greatest services” like the use of hashtags, etc. my group don’t use.  I suspect the number of groups that do is in the distinct minority.  


Most groups don’t need him to do much beyond keeping the lights on, the number of servers adequate and responsive, and the emails flowing.  For all the sound and fury over email server problems in the last month, not ONE of my members complained.   And following up on such problems after someone more clerical pulls the details together is hardly a good use of Mark’s “executive level” time.  That worked well for our “User Manual”.  


ALL of these things are Groups.io “overhead” that must, I agree, in some manner be paid for.  But I wonder why  “basic users" that don’t ask for or use many of Mark’s “bells and whistles” be “assessed” to pay for them.  Perhaps fees differentiated by category between “simple services” groups and those who require (and can support) complex services would be more equitable and worthy of consideration.  


My groups are “grandfathered” as “free” with most earlier privileges, but we paid a substantial amount to get transferred over.  That said, I wouldn’t object to paying a reasonable amount per month or year if more storage came with it.  Storage is a service relatively easy and cheap to provide.  


Since my groups are on this “train”, for better or worse, I am increasingly concerned with where it is going.  The cynical in politics say:  “Watch not what I say, but what I do” when these things fundamentally differ.  At some point anyone's “reasonable profit” (and on what?) can become indistinguishable from greed.  








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This service costs money, and someone has to pay for it. There is no getting around it. Basic groups are riding on the backs of those who pay, and their very existence cuts into groups.io's profit margin. By that measure, Mark is within his rights to place any restrictions on them that he deems necessary. 




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